• Just a Bath

    Bath, blow dry and nails $20

  • Mini Groom

    Starting from $45, toy breeds, $55 for small, $65 for medium & $75 for large, your pet will receive a bath, fluff dry and brush, nail trim, pads shaved, feet shaped/poodle feet redone, face shaped and fringe trimmed/poodle face redone, tail tidy/trim, sanitary areas.
    This is an ideal service for the cooler months. Keeping the coat length but also avoiding knots and mats and keeping other areas well maintained.

  • De-Shed

    Double Coated Breeds are looked after as well. De-Shed includes brush out of undercoat, bath, dry and tidy. Starting from $110

Knots and Matting

Knots and Matts can quickly sneak in to your little ones coat and its very important that regular maintenance is done to prevent these from happening. I have no judgment when this happens to your little one. The main thing is that they are brought in and the knots and matts are removed. Don't be embarrassed, it happens, life is busy. You need to know that this is very uncomfortable for your pet and removing of them is time consuming and a slow process. Having your little one regularly bath or coming in for a deluxe bath ~ mini groom will help with prevention and maintaining a healthy coat and a comfortable lifestyle for your little one.